About us

The Neolithic Studies Group is a loose-knit collectivity of archaeologists, mainly from Britain and the Atlantic seaboard countries of the European Union, with an interest in the Neolithic period. It was formed in the Spring of 1984, the first meeting being held in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK.

Since then, the Group has met at least twice a year: Spring and Autumn. The Autumn meetings are held in London and address a topical theme. Spring meetings are held outside London to examine at first hand the Neolithic remains of a specific area and consider recent research relevant to the region. To date spring field meetings have included: Western Ireland, Southeast Scotland, Eastern Scotland, North Wales, North Yorkshire, Northumberland, Wessex, and the Channel Islands.

Membership of the Neolithic Studies Group is open to anyone actively involved in studying any aspect of the Neolithic period in Europe. There is no application procedure or subscription to join the Group: members are simply those currently on the mailing list. Any individual can ask to be added to the mailing list at any time, the only rule of the Group is that names are deleted from the list if the individual concerned misses four meetings in a row (ie. two years) and has not contacted the Group Co-ordinators asking to be kept on the list during that time.

The present membership list, which stands at about 250 individuals, includes: academic staff, researchers and students from universities and colleges in several European countries; museum curators and museum-based research and field staff; and field archaeologists from national and local government institutions, and from archaeological trusts and units.

The Neolithic Studies Group relies on its members to organize meetings so that this responsibility is shared round. There are two co-ordinators who look after the mailing list and finances, and who juggle offers to arrange meetings so that there is a fair spread of venues and themes. The proceedings and papers from Neolithic Studies Group meetings are published from time to time.

The current co-ordinators are Kenny Brophy and Seren Griffiths. For any queries about the NSG and our activities, please email in the first place kenny.brophy@glasgow.ac.uk.