Autumn Conference Call For Papers – 7th November 2022

Grooved Ware revisited: a NSG conference in honour of Alex Gibson
Organisers – Alison Sheridan, Mike Copper and Alasdair Whittle 

Twenty-eight years ago, on Mon 21 Feb 1994, the Neolithic Studies Group met in the British Museum to discuss ‘Grooved Ware in Context’. This led to Ros Cleal and Ann MacSween’s influential 1999 Grooved Ware in Britain and Ireland volume (NSG Seminar Paper 3). 

Contributions to ‘Grooved Ware Revisited’ are now solicited. The venue and format (i.e. live only or hybrid) are TBC, but the organisers are inviting contributions. We are particularly keen to get regional syntheses for Britain and Ireland, but also welcome other contributions that help to set this ceramic tradition in its context and bring us up to date on current thinking about this important topic. It is anticipated that papers will be 20 or 25 minutes long, with 5 mins for questions. 

Please send proposals, by 31 July 2022, to